New HP Envy Notebooks To Rival Apple's Macbook Pro

HP has added 14 new models to its line of netbooks and notebooks and amongst the lot, the HP ENVY family is likely to be the most eye catching by bringing in a number of technologies that puts it on par with the best in that category.

The Envy 14 and 17 come with Intel processors and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD5830 graphics module. Both offer up to 8GB RAM and the Envy 17 onboard drive space can be boosted to a whopping 2TB by using two 1TB drives.

HP has peppered both models with a number of nice little touches like a backlit keyboard, a slot loading optical drive, HP's own TrueVision HD webcam, a mini DisplayPort Connector and a proprietary audio technology called Beats Audio.

The ENVY 14 comes with a 14.5-inch display that HP says, offers picture nearly 60 percent brighter than other laptops with standard display. This however doesn't seem to have an impact on the battery life as HP quotes a staggering 825 minutes (yep, that's 13.75 hours).

The ENVY 17 will come with a Core i7 option and will support ATI's Eyefinity technology. Both aluminium-based models should be available fairly soon and HP says that the cheapest entry level model, one with a Core i5 CPU, will cost around $999.