Online gamers get a social life

Single-player gamers should soon get a social life that could extend to Android and iPhones, courtesy of new 'social gaming' technology from RealNetworks.

The company’s new GameHouse Fusion platform was unveiled yesterday at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.

GameHouse Fusion lets developers tap into the company's existing GameHouse network of 50 million casual monthly users.

By building GameHouse Fusion tools into their titles, developers can quickly and easily share content across major social networks.

Fusion lets players swap funds in a centralised virtual economy, as well as offering multiplayer gaming and social networking features. Players can set each other challenges and create online 'trophies' for the community to compete for.

RealNetworks has already enlisted MySpace, Comcast and Mattel as partners in the project, which it hopes will soon be available for Apple iPhones and Android-based smart phones.

The company also announced the first software to emerge from the project, the free GameHouse application on Facebook.