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Real Networks Rolls Out Social Gaming Platform

RealNetworks unveiled its new social-gaming platform at the Web 2.0 expo in San Francisco yesterday.

GameHouse Fusion is a suite of tools that give developers can use to boost the social presence of their games by tapping to the existing GameHouse network of 50 million monthly users.

All developers need to do is integrate the GameHouse Fusion SDKs within their game and upload it. and the game will be published across the network.

GameHouse Fusion aims to convert the unsociable world of single-player gaming into a more friendly experience.

It offers players access to a centralised virtual economy, multiplayer gaming and social networking, allowing players to create challenges and trophies for the community to compete for.

Cross-gaming platforms were first seen when Valve announced similar features for users of its Steam network. Namco runs a similar network, UniteSDK.

GameHouse Fusion has already enlisted MySpace, Comcast and Mattel as partners, and is set to be available for iPhones and Android based smart phones in the near future.