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Sony Ericsson To Launch Xperia X10 Android Update In Q4

Xperia X10 Users are likely to be disappointed by Sony Ericsson's announcement today that the company will release what it calls a strategic framework for its X10 family of products in Q4 2010.

According to Sumit Malhotra (opens in new tab) who penned the entry on the SE Blog, the update, known as the UX Platform will bring HD Video recording, Wireless home connectivity via DLNA and improvement to Timescape and Mediascape UIs.

This means, a worst case scenario where X10 users will get Android OS version 2.1, just in time for Christmas which is errr, roughly a year after the first beta of this minor platform release were first deployed.

This also means that X10 users will have to stick even longer with the antiquated Android 1.6, something that Google might be unhappy with. Given that a number of applications are likely to work on Android 2.0 and above, this might make more than a few X10 unhappy.

To make matters worse, by the end of the year, we're likely to see Android 2.7 or 2.8 with further new features and improvements. Android "Froyo" 2.2 will be released by the end of the month and all of SE's Android competitors are likely to move to the platform as soon as it is announced.

Sony Ericsson has not said whether it will introduce multi touch capability with the UXP or if it will bring free SatNav capability on its X10 range.

While on the subject of the Sony Ericsson X10, why not have a look at the Idealdayout competition (opens in new tab), which is sponsored by Sony Ericsson and put together by the publishers of, Netcommunities, which allows you to win an ideal day out worth up to £10,000 with 10 friends.

Désiré Athow

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