Twitter Launches Embeddable Tweet Service

Microblogging behemoth Twitter now allows users to create embeddable tweets. The move will let users to copy and paste their chosen tweet into a third-party site with the help of a small chunk of HTML.

A post on the Twitter Media blog yesterday confirmed the development, stating that users would now be able to embed tweets directly into their own web sites, rather than laboriously pasting screen shots of them.

Like YouTube, Twitter will provide a snippet of HTML code to users, which they can paste into their web site's HTML source code in order for the tweet to be embedded in the page.

The blog report states that the embedded tweet will include a direct link to the original entry, allowing readers to more easily find and follow the person who actually posted the tweet.

The micro-blogging service has emerged as a vital tool for journalism in the past few months with people using it to cover live shows, protests and even funerals.