Adobe CTO Criticises Apple For Walled Garden Approach

Apple has been criticised by a senior boss at Adobe for 'anti-competitive' tactics, saying that Apple is looking to promote a closed ecosystem which it can control.

Speaking at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Chief Technology Officer at Adobe, Kevin Lynch, spoke out against the tactics used by Apple against Adobe's Flash media player.

Lynch challenged Apple's draconian methods of guarding its software technology, and reiterated his belief that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is wrong to assume that the availability of software on multiple platforms renders it useless.

Lynch also claimed that Apple was creating a "walled garden" around its technology, making it impossible for people to work on applications.

The iPod maker has been criticised by many open-source advocates for its harsh developer agreements and the company's refusal to share its technology with others.

Lynch said that this kind of behaviour was harmful to the economy, the customers and the web. The Adobe CTO also indicated that the company will be developing technology supporting HTML 5 web standards.