Apple Pushing Secretive Advertising Solution

Apple is pushing the new ViP advertising scheme from its subsidiary Quattro Wireless in an effort to boost the competitiveness of its iAds mobile ads service on iPhone and iPad.

ViP, or 'Verification of iTunes Purchase', is being targeted at application developers who use iPhone ads to fuel demand for their products.

According to a report by TechCrunch, the ViP scheme will allow developers to track in real-time the conversion rate of ad impressions to downloads.

The slide obtained by TechCrunch states that this is made possible by a "direct link from the ad to App Store".

Once a customer downloads the application, the ad will disappear automatically, never again appearing to that customer.

Apple is using the might of iTunes App Store to slingshot iAd into the mobile advertisement market, putting it in direct competition with AdMob, which is on the verge of being acquired by search engine giant Google.