BBC testing Twitter tool for iPlayer

British TV watchers could soon have more opportunity to gloat, after it was revealed the BBC is testing a feature that lets them post comments on their favourite shows directly from its online iPlayer service.

BBC online controller Anthony Rose mooted the idea last year at the Media Guardian Innovation Awards, but now media pundit site Paid Content reports that the Beeb is actively testing a new integrated Twitter feature it calls ‘I recommend’.

The move has been widely expected since BBC technology boss Erik Huggers drew attention to an annual 3,000 per cent growth in micro-blogging at BAFTA’s C21 Future Media Conference in November, outlining plans to push iPlayer to a wider range of viewing platforms.

At the event, Huggers vigorously denied that the BBC planned to move directly into social networking, but the new feature certainly heralds a move in that direction.

The move will heighten annoyance from overseas fans of hit BBC series like Doctor Who, who can receive the tweeted updates but won’t actually be able to view the shows online, as iPlayer content is only officially accessible from within the UK.

As yet, the BBC has given no official word on when, or even if, its new Twitter feature will see the light of day.