Briton DIYs Own Apple iPad MicroSIM Card Using Meat Cleaver

John Benson took on himself to downsize his Vodafone SIM card so that it fits into his newly purchased iPad. all using a chopping board, a sharp knife and a pair of scissors.

The Brit managed to post the picture of his short adventure here together with some hints and tips like making sure that you align the AT&T microSIM (that comes with the iPad if you've got it from the US of A) and the SIM to be slashed.

Both SIMs are actually electronically similar and as such there are no reasons why they shouldn't be compatible. In addition, Apple has not SIM-locked the iPhad in the UK because none of them are actually subsidising the device.

Given the fact that SIM cards are actually free in UK most of the time, it does make sense to practice on other SIM cards first before getting on with the real one.

The iPad will be launched in the UK within weeks but we expect it to be significantly more expensive than its US counterpart. The cheapest iPad costs only $499 in the UK and we'd expect it to come with a starting price of £400.