Google Introduces Radical Changes To Search Engine Look

Google has announced a new look and feel for its search page both for desktop and mobile platforms. The changes introduced, aimed at offering a better, more 'contextually relevant' service to users, include a new smart navigation panel down the left of the page.

Tools included are Universal Search, the Search Options Panel and Google Squared. The new panel will help refine search queries, highlighting the most relevant search tools for the job. Google has also flattened its logo a little and altered the colour palette.

After a long period without changes from Google, this new side panel indicates the search giant is aware of the changing trends in users and future competition.

A post on Google's official blog states that the changes have been undergoing testing over the past few months, ready for their release today.

The changes take Google head-to-head with its biggest rival, Bing Search from Microsoft, which uses similar technology for searches. You can view the main features of the new interface in the short video below.