HTC Desire Goes OOS At Orange

HTC, it seems, can't produce enough of its Desire Android-based smartphone to satisfy demand for the popular handset; Amazon, Orange, T-Mobile and others are reporting very high sales with regular "out of stock" updates. which sells phones for a number of networks, say tha tthe HTC Desire is one of the hottest mobile phones of all times with stock turnaround being extremely high.

Orange has also confirmed that it has run out of stock on the Desire after having switched to a new black chassis to satisfy demand.

HTC says that inventory is not a concern and its CEO, Peter Chou, was quoted by Taipei Times as saying that he's more worried about not making enough products rather than inventory.

He added candidly that customers are actually chasing the company and asked for more shipments before hinting that there is a component shortage problem without giving more details.

There's currently a nationwide advertising campaign going on to boost the exposure of HTC and the Desire especially and the phone has gone on sale with all of the six main mobile phone networks in the UK with prices starting as low as £25 per month.