Leaving UK Broadband Providers Still Painful Say Customers

UK broadband users still have problems migrating from one internet service provider to another in spite of recent OFCOM regulations, a survey by financial site Moneysupermarket.com shows.

The survey states that one in three broadband customers who changed ISP within the last year were forced to wait exorbitantly long periods of time for their Migration Authorisation Code, required by the new ISP to provide internet access.

Ofcom regulations state that ISPs should provide the MAC to customers within five days of terminating their service, and for the MAC to be valid for a period of 30 days after receipt.

Mike Wilson, broadband manager at Moneysupermarket.com said in a statement “Ofcom rules on MAC codes have been in place for some time, but delays and complications clearly remain a huge issue for those who want to change provider.”

The survey revealed that four per cent of users decided not to change ISPs because of delays in receiving their MAC. The site's main concern was that people were missing out on money-saving deals because of the delays.