Microsoft Discloses More Details Regarding Kin Smartphones

Microsoft has announced release dates and prices of its Kin One and Kin Two smartphones although no details have filtered regarding availability outside the US.

In what will come as disappointing news for those who hoped for more affordable prices, a report by Engadget revealed that the Kin One would be priced at $49.99, and the more feature-laden Kin Two at $99.99 - along with a hefty minimum tariff of $70 a month for the Verizon Wireless Voice and Data plan.

Although they've been developed by the software giant, the Kin smartphones will not be part of the Microsoft Windows Phone range but instead, they are an attempt to tap into social networking mania.

The smartphones work on a modified Windows Phone platform, and have social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter integrated.

The Kin phones also come with unlimited access to music via Zune Pass, and boast decent picture quality, touch screens and sliding keyboards amongst other features designed to entice younger customers.

Pre-orders for the two smartphones begin online today, and Verizon Wireless retail stores will begin to sell them from 12 May.