Microsoft Launches Second Version Of IE9 Browser

Microsoft has launched the second preview version of its Internet Explorer 9 web browser. The new IE9 preview features improved Javascript, support for HTML 5, CSS3 and scalable vector graphics.

Internet Explorer General Manager Dean Hachamovitch said on the Internet Explorer blog that the new browser relies on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and currently only runs on Vista SP2 and Server 2008 R2, but it will be built for Windows 7.

The browser has scored well against the Acid3 benchmark standards and Hachamovitch believes that its Acid3 score will continue to increase as development continues.

Hachamovitch also revealed that the preview version of the browser is 20 per cent faster than the previous edition and 36 per cent faster than Mozilla's Firefox, but still lags behind Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome web browsers.

The second IE9 Platform Preview goes live at '' today and is primarily meant for testers and developers. Initial tests we carried on Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 showed that it is rather stable and fast.

Microsoft's IE9 will be facing a rather ambitious Google Chrome browser and Mozilla which, we understand is preparing to add a number of extremely promising features to Firefox 4.0.