Microsoft Planning To Use Windows NT On Mobiles?

Microsoft is working on a top-secret research project that could see Windows NT appearing in mobile devices.

A report by technology blog ZD Net revealed that the project, codenamed Menlo, is dedicated to replacing Microsoft's Windows CE with Windows NT in mobile devices.

The researchers behind the Menlo project are currently developing a unique graphics platform, codenamed Experiment 19, to complement Menlo.

The Menlo project is set to be instrumental in the development of Windows Mobile 7, with many research documents mentioning the link.

The bio of Rubin Olinsky, taken from a Microsoft Research document, reads: “I work in Microsoft Research’s Operating Systems Group as a research developer. I’m currently working on the Menlo project and spending quite a bit of time tinkering in the mobile computing space.”

Integration with Windows 7 also suggests that Menlo will come in use for Microsoft's Zune music player, which will be integrated into the Windows Mobile 7 OS.

Menlo's research team is led by Galen Hunt, the man behind Microsoft’s Singularity research project, and also includes Rubin Olinsky and Kerry Hammil.