Microsoft Showcases Social Network Aggregator

Microsoft-owned R&D company Fuse Labs has unveiled a new software tool at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. The tool, Spindex, gathers users' posts from social media sites from sites such as Facebook and Twitter into one place.

The software giant hopes the tool will help it tap into the social networking market, until now, the territory of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter (ed: and Google with Buzz and Orkut)

Spindex allow users to make the most of the time they spend on social networks, providing personalised trending topics, faster updates and an easier interface.

On the official Microsoft blog, Lili Cheng, general manager of Fuse Labs, wrote: "Today's social networks are powerful and compelling, but they're just the beginning of a broader transformation that is likely to change every aspect of the web.”

Though the release date has not yet been specified, updates will be given on the company's new Spindexme Twitter page.

The social networking tool has been made available for previews and testing at Web 2.0 expo in San Francisco and you can learn more about it here.