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News@Five : Rolls Royce app, Menlo Windows NT mobile, Google face lift, Apple ViP, Gizmodo

The world of technology has rarely so closely resembled a James Bond film than today.

With code-names, target tracking, consortiums, face lifts and even a posh car, the life of the average techie has taken an infinitely more eventful turn.

Microsoft has today announced the existence of a research project, codenamed Menlo, detailed with the task of replacing the Windows CE OS with Windows NT for their mobile users.

The new ViP advertising scheme from Apple subsidiary Quattro Wireless covers target tracking. The new scheme will help app developers track the conversion rate of targeted iAd impressions to downloads.

Six media organisations have formed a consortium demanding the release of documents used to issue the controversial search warrant against under-siege tech site Gizmodo, questioning its legitimacy.

Ageing search giant Google has revealed the new left-sided smart navigation panel with accompanying tools as part of its face-lift to counter increased competition from Bing.

And finally, though not an Aston Martin, the new Rolls Royce app for the iPhone, giving those that can afford a Roller the opportunity to customise and order their own Ghost straight from the iPhone, and for those that can't, a chance to feel inadequate.