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Nick Legg wins poll to be Prime Monster

Nick Clegg was given a virtual boost today by winning nearly half of the votes in a children’s poll in the UK to choose their favourite leader online.

More than 30,000 kids voted in the election staged by leading computer game Moshi Monsters (opens in new tab) – and a character looking like the Liberal Democrat leader scooped 49 per cent, beating David Cameron on 31 per cent and Gordon Brown on 20 per cent.

Players were asked to select their favourite from one of three fun monster characters (opens in new tab) – Nick Legg, David Camergroan and Groardon Frown – who bore "uncanny" resemblances to the real-life politicians.

Michael Acton Smith, CEO of Moshi Monsters’ creator Mind Candy, said: “It was a landslide for Nick and he clearly seems to have captured the imagination of young voters. “We are delighted that so many children participated in the election and it shows they have a real interest in the campaign.”

The poll was launched on Friday among the game’s 16 million players and the winner was declared today. It came after Moshi Monsters surveyed players about what they wanted in a leader. More than half (52 per cent) said a good leader should “look after the people in the country or town” with 25 per cent placing honesty in second place. One in 10 said they should be “intelligent and able”, with six per cent reckoned a “snappy dresser" would do the job. Just four per cent wanted their leader to have celebrity status.

Some 32,714 nippers took part in the poll which was held between April 30th and May 4th. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.