Rolls Royce Debuts iPhone App For £195K Car

Rolls Royce has launched a free application for the iPhone that allows you to configure your own Ghost car all from their devices and see their final designs before actually ordering the car.

The app, which is available from the iTunes App Store, will allow customers and other interested parties to choose from thousands of potential designs, colours and customisations to come up with the ideal version of the car.

When you're done, the design can be saved to a virtual garage. In addition, Rolls Royce states that the app will come with images and short films of the car and there's even a dealer section where you can order the Ghost.

The only problem perhaps is the fact that while the app is free, the car itself is far from being cheap. At £195,000, the Ghost is worth more than 30 Kia Picanto but is still much cheaper than the iPhone 3GS Supreme, a £1.92 million iPhone.