Seagate Preparing 3TB Hard Disk Drive For 2010

A 3TB hard disk drive might be just around the corner, courtesy of storage giant Seagate, and presented as part of its Constellation ES family with a 6Gbps SAS interface.

The model, which would have 50 percent more storage space compared to the biggest hard drive on the market, would be a direct replacement for the Barracuda ES drive.

The Register reports that the drive will arrive later this year without providing more details. Earlier this year, Japanese storage specialist TDK said that it would be the first company to deliver 3.5-inch platters with a capacity of more than 500GB.

At 640GB per platter, five of these could be bunched together to offer a spectacular 3TB model; in addition, Storage specialist Drobo hinted that its storage devices, which uses Western Digital drives, will have 3TB models anytime soon.

The fact that TDK produces platters for more than a few hardware manufacturers means that others, apart from Seagate and Western Digital, are likely to sell 3TB hard disk drive as well.