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£300 Onkyo HTS3305 Black 5.1 Package System with HDMI inc. Speakers

At the heart of the HT-S3305 is an AV receiver based on the impressive TXSR308. Like its sibling, the HTS3305 is equipped with 1.4 specification HDMI, making it compatible with the exciting new 3D TV.

Even without this advanced feature, the HT-S3305 is still miles ahead of conventional one-box AV systems.

The latest and most powerful processing has always been at the heart of Onkyo's receivers, and the HTS3305 is no different. It will handle high-definition lossless audio codecs from Dolby and DTS.

This high resolution surround sound processing makes it the perfect partner for Blu-ray with all the potential for audio excellence this source provides.

Matching this impressive receiver to perfection is the Onkyo speaker package. With acoustically balanced speakers all round, the 8cm cone speakers offer a detailed and dynamic sound quality. For added oomph, the passive subwoofer features a downward firing 16cm with bass reflex cabinet.

It's not just the processing power but quality, too that makes Onkyo receivers stand out. Burr-Brown 192/24 DACs for all channels, an advanced 32-Bit Processing Chip and a high power transformer help to give the HT-S3305 class-leading sound quality and an equally impressive 85 watts power output.

You can purchase the impressive Onkyo (opens in new tab) HTS3305 Black 5.1 Package System with HDMI inc. Speakers for £300 at Richersounds.

Désiré Athow

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