AMD claims notebook design wins are growing

AMD may worm its way into more laptop PCs this year, after years of playing, well, about fifth fiddle to Intel and its Centrino 'platform' devices.

Reuters heard from a nameless bloke who reckons the other x86 chip designer will have a shout in some 109 mainstream laptop models in the coming months. Last year, AMD's chips were available in just 40 portable PCs.

"This is the first time we've seen this much attention to our notebooks," the source is said to have said.

"Typically more design wins dictates more sales," the source said, failing to mention rocket science.

HP did AMD a favour with new line of laptops it introduced earlier this week. The firm introduced 14 AMD models, adding AMD chips to its Pavilion and ProBook lines.

Some of these machines feature chips that AMD will unveil next week under its new "Vision" brand. Dell and Acer have also already let slip details of the chips AMD has up its sleeve.

The firm has some way to go. According to IDC, AMD captured 12.1 per cent of the global notebook market in the first quarter of this year. Intel's market share was 87.8 per cent, IDC reckoned.

As one HP sauce told us at a fairly recent AMD chip launch, when we asked: so you like AMD's chips then? "Well," he replied, "we like to see a bit of competition."