Apple iPhone 4G Smartphone To Record HD Content?

We wrote last month that Apple could position the iPhone 4G as the first HD Ready smartphone of 2010 and now, details have surface that seem to support this theory.

According to information extracted from the latest iPhone 4.0 OS Beta SDK Image Capture Framework, the next iPhone should be able to record content at 1280x720 pixels, which corresponds to HD-ready resolutions.

A few weeks ago, Gizmodo's Jason Chen, said that the iPhone 4G prototype they got hold of had a significantly higher resolution than the current one which stands at 480x320 pixels.

Given that the X10 can display 854x480 pixels on a 4-inch screen, we suspect that Apple will up the ante and deliver a screen that can effectively display HD resolution, something that's entirely doable and could allow Apple to claim the title of first ever phone capable of actually displaying HD content.

A number of other rivals like the HTC HD2, the Samsung Omnia and the Sony Ericsson Vivaz can already record in HD video and all of them offer camera resolution of 5-megapixel or more.