Apple iPhone to identify user by heart rate

Apple has filed an application to patent a new biometric ID system for the iPhone, using heart rates instead of fingerprints or passwords.

The technology identified in US Patent No. 0100113950 works by identifying individual users according to their heart rhythms, reports US tech blog Unwired View.

Yes – it comes as news to us too that everyone's heart rate is sufficiently unique for the system to work.

But in a move that will doubtless set the pulses of fanboys racing, Apple wants to use a souped-up version of the heart rate monitors designed for exercise machines to enable future iPhones to automatically distinguish one user from another.

Never ones to miss a marketing opportunity, we can't help wondering what manner of fitness applications the iPad maker will be pushing for its new technology.

And Apple's patent application goes further: "Using the detected signals, the electronic device can identify or authenticate the user and perform an operation based on the identity of the user. In some embodiments, the electronic device can determine the user's mood from the cardiac signals and provide data related to the user's mood."

So if the device senses trembling fingers plucking it from the nearest bar stool, it might just have time for a quick call home...