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Best Buy UK Smashes Opening Record Sales

US retailer Best Buy has revealed record sales for its first UK store. Over its opening weekend, the US-based retail giant said its new Thurrock store had experienced the highest sales figures the company had ever seen from a newly opened store anywhere in the world.

The 50,000 square-foot Thurrock store, which opened its doors on 30 April, joins the ranks of 1,150 Best Buy stores around the globe, including outlets in Mexico, Turkey and China.

Best Buy has partnered with UK retailer Carphone Warehouse with the aim of opening a string of stores across the UK. Eight more outlets are planned by March of next year, scattered across the country

Paul Antoniadis, CEO of Best Buy Branded Operations told news website Hexus (opens in new tab) that “Everyone on the Best Buy team is thrilled with the start of this new chapter in Best Buy's story.”

Best Buy is also set to open stores in other European countries over the coming months in partnership with Carphone Warehouse.

The arrival of the US electronics giant could give worries to the likes of Comet and DSGi who are already struggling amidst the worst recession in living memories in the most crowded European economy.