Consumers Abandoning Netbooks For iPad Says Survey

Studies show an increasing number of consumers opting for Apple's iPad over rival devices like Netbooks.

According to a report by Fortune magazine, two separate studies held by analysts Morgan Stanley and Alphawise indicate that 44 per cent of US customers planning to purchase a mobile device would rather go for the iPad over a netbook or notebook.

The iPad is set to affect the desktop market as well, with 27 per cent planning to buy one instead of a desktop computer.

The studies also show 28 per cent of US customers were more likely to purchase an iPad than an Amazon Kindle or other e-book reader.

Apple's own devices are not immune to the iPad's popularity, with the studies showing 40 per cent of future iPad owners deciding against buying the iPod Touch.

Since the launch of Apple's 'magical' device a month ago, the company has sold over a million units, eclipsing the record previously held by Apple's iPhone smartphone.