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Corsair unleashes 2,533MHz memory

After being temporarily ousted by the likes of G.Skill and Patriot in the official fastest memory race, premium memory maker Corsair has now pulled out all the stops with its latest Dominator GTX4 memory.

With a guaranteed clock speed of 2,533MHz, and latency timings of 9-11-10-30, Corsair’s modules have now inched in front of Patriot’s 2,500MHz modules (opens in new tab). Not only that, but Corsair says that the clock speeds can be achieved using a voltage of 1.65V, which is within Intel’s recommended limit.

Available in very limited quantities, Corsair says that the GTX4 modules feature only the very cream of the DDR3 crop when it comes to chip selection. The company claims that the 32 chips found on a GTX4 module are handpicked and individually screened from thousands of potential candidates by Corsair’s “master overclocker” Michal Nowicki (also known as Bachus (opens in new tab) among overclockers).

According to Nowicki, “each GTX4 module represents hours of my work in the lab, and is authenticated by me personally.” The scant few chips that make the grade on Corsair’s Core i7 Lynnfield test kit, which uses a Gigabyte P55 motherboard, are then put onto GTX4 modules. Meanwhile, the leftovers are then returned for use in Corsair’s tamer modules.

Unsurprisingly, these rare and premium modules are very far from cheap. You can purchase a single 2GB module from Corsair’s online store (opens in new tab) for $325 (£222.52), meaning that a dual-channel 4GB kit would cost close to half a grand.

However, these modules aren’t really aimed at the average user wanting to put together a working PC. Instead, they’re really for the competitive overclocker who wants to see how far they can push a single working module using extreme cooling.

Overclockers such as matose have already managed to overclock Corsair’s GTX1 modules to nearly 3GHz (opens in new tab) using dry ice, and these new GTX4 modules could well become the next must-have component for extreme overclockers.

Nowicki explains that, “these modules are so fast that most CPUs will require sub-ambient cooling to run them at their maximum speed, adding that “the GTX4 modules are truly Corsair’s greatest expression of the memory overclocker’s art.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.