Google Goggles Now Translates Texts In Pictures

Google has released an update for its Goggles mobile phone application, which translates text in photos. The update, capable of translating text in an image into different languages, replaces the old system that searched for images taken by the phone's camera.

A post on the Google Mobile blog said that the new Goggles update would bring image to text translation to the application, making it easier for tourists to translate text from foreign languages into their own.

Currently the application can only 'read' English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, but languages using a non-Latin alphabet will be added to the database soon.

To use the Google Goggles translator, users must take a picture of the text, and within seconds the application will give the option to translate.

Other features included in the Goggles update are improved barcode recognition, a wider database of products and logos, enhanced user interface and the ability to perform a visual search on images stored in the phone's photo gallery.