Halo Reach beta attracts a million testers

Multiplayer fragfest Halo Reach attracted more than a million beta testers to its servers on its first day of online play yesterday.

Game maker Bungie said that the rush to test the latest episode of the popular sci-fi shooter franchise had "crushed expectations" but also pointed out that the unexpected scramble had also crushed its servers.

A post on the company's official blog said: "Thanks for being patient as we worked out some of the kinks that inevitably come with a global launch effort, and thanks for jumping in and playing the Beta with us. We've already collected reams of data and your participation continues to help us make the game even better for the full release this fall."

Some of the juiciest bits of the aforementioned data include 1,170,112 players in total who between them played more than 14 million games. Which all added up to nearly 30 years of total play time in a single day.