US University Leaves Google's Gmail Service

The University of California-Davis has opted out of Google's Gmail pilot scheme amid fears over security.

A report by Information Week has revealed that IT executives at the university have opted out of Google's scheme after voicing its concerns.

The scheme, which would have seen Gmail become the official e-mail program for the university's 30,000 faculty and staff members, was ditched after faculty members expressed concern over Google's ability to keep their correspondence private.

The CIO of the university Peter Siegel said: “[Many faculty members] expressed concerns that our campus's commitment to protecting the privacy of their communications is not demonstrated by Google.”

The statement also mentioned the infamous Google Buzz debacle, the letter from the international regulators and lack of respect shown by the company towards its users and their privacy concerns.

Google has dismissed the university's criticism as totally baseless, claiming that the company's contract guarantees the privacy of users.

The University of California-Davis follows the prestigious Yale University in opting out of the Gmail e-mail system over privacy fears.