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ViewSonic gets response time down to 1ms

Monitor maker ViewSonic is attempting to lure gamers and movie buffs its way with the VX2739wm; the first 27-inch monitor to feature a miniscule response time of just 1ms.

The response time is simply the length of time that it takes a pixel to turn from black to white, and then back to black again. Measured in milliseconds, it provides a rough idea of how much ghosting or streaking you might see on the kind of fast-moving images you get in games and action movies.

Although there are other factors that can influence a monitor’s performance in gaming, such as input lag (opens in new tab), a claimed typical response time of 1ms is still very impressive stuff. Although a lot of current monitors have a very low 2ms response time, many also have a 5ms or higher response time.

As well as the low response time, the VX2739wm’s active matrix LCD also has a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, making it ideal for HD movies. ViewSonic claims that the monitor can maintain viewing angles of 170º horizontally and 160º vertically, with a contrast ratio of 5:1.

The idea, according to the company, is that gamers and movie lovers looking for a largish screen no longer have to resort to hooking their PC up to the telly.

ViewSonic’s European marketing manager, James Coulson, explained that “until now users wanting a larger screen experience have had to compromise by buying a TV with data capability.

"The VX2739wm is a data monitor first, and has been specifically designed to work optimally with computer based sources, delivering far higher response times and picture clarity than that currently offered by consumer TVs.”

The VX2739wm comes with the standard array of inputs, including DVI-D, VGA D-SUB and HDMI 1.3, and it also comes equipped with a pair of 2W speakers and a USB 2 hub.

According to ViewSonic, the VX2739wm has a suggested retail price of £282 inc VAT, and will also come with a three-year warranty. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.