Vodafone UK clamps down on bandwidth hogs

Vodafone UK is preparing for an influx of new data-hungry mobile devices by tightening its grip on customer download allowances.

Until now, the mobile outfit has offered pay monthly punters paying over £25 a 500MB bundle but has not charged for anyone going over that limit as part of its fair-use policy.

But, as of June this year, customers who have been sucking up free bandwidth without fear of hefty additional bills will have to be a bit more careful.

Subscribers who step over the line - perhaps because they have just acquired a new Nexus One or HTC Desire or Microsoft Kin - will be charged £5 for every additional 500MB they use.

Vodafone says that its terms and conditions always gave it the option to withdraw the no-charge policy, and that it is making the change "to make it fairer for everyone, and to protect our network from data abuse".

We suspect it may have something to do with the fact that Vodafone will soon be flogging Apple's iPad in the UK and it is scared that the sudden rush on its servers by tens of thousands of bandwidth-hogging Apps will make the whole thing fall over.