Judge Refuses Access To Gizmodo iPhone 4G Documents

A San Mateo judge has rejected a media consortium's appeal to view the documents used to procure the search warrant used against Gizmodo editor Jason Chen.

Judge Stephen Hall rejected the appeal made by the consortium of major media houses and a non-profit organisation but has forwarded it to the Judge who issued the warrant in the first place.

The police searched Jason Chen's house after the editor claimed that Gizmodo had paid $5,000 for an iPhone 4G prototype that had been reported stolen from a bar after a field testing operation.

The District Attorney's Office, which has actively opposed the request, said the document could not be revealed as it contains sensitive information that could affect the on-going investigation if revealed.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe told CNET,a member of the consortium, that: “[There is] further investigation we want to do, people we want to speak with. Our belief is that it's a proper search.”