Nintendo: Apple is the enemy of the future

Having suffered their first drop in profit in six years, Nintendo executives are stratching their heads and muttering in corners trying to fugure out where it all went wrong.

According to a report in the Times, president Satoru Iwata told senior executives that the company has already won its battle with arch-rival Sony and Apple is the "enemy of the future".

Quite which fly on the wall leaked the snippet to the Times is unclear. What is clear is that Nintendo's family favourite Wii console has consistently outsold the geekier models made by Sony and Microsoft but Wii sales have been dropping off recently as the console starts to show its age.

This contributed to a 21 per cent drop in Q1 revenue from a year ago. Additionally, Nintendo's DS remains the best-selling handheld gaming gadget, but this space is being encroached on by versatile mobile phones and - possibly - mobile electronic "pads".

This has lead Nintendo to target Apple as it future threat. Competing with Sony is one thing. Having to compete with companies that aren't even Japanese is a different kettle of sushi altogether.