Orange outlines iPad price plans

Orange UK has announced prices for daily, weekly, monthly and pay-as-you-go data plans for Apple's all-conquering iPad.

Customers will fork out 5p per downloaded megabyte on the pay-as-you-go plan, which will cost no more than £40 per month, Orange said, but is subject to a "fair use" policy.

The daily option will offer 200MB of data for two quid. The weekly bundle, costing £7.50, will be capped at 1GB of data downloads. Customers exceeding the limits will also be charged at the rate of 5p per megabyte.

The firm also unveiled two monthly options. One costs £15 and offersusers a 3GB allowance plus unlimited browsing via BT Openzone WiFi hotspots. A second monthly option offers an extra 7GB of data for £25.

Orange UK will offer tailored 3G data plans for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G from May 10th and will launch a pre-registration site for SIM’s at

Orange said it is extending its partnership with Apple to offer new iPad plans for customers in France, Spain and Switzerland as well as the UK.