Orange Releases iPad Data Plan Details

Mobile network operator Orange has published details about the data plans of the iPad for customers in UK, France, Spain and Switzerland with more to come by the end of the year.

Orange will offer 3G plans for the iPad starting from the 10th of May with pre-registration for the SIM card available here. Customers will be able to choose between, PAYG, daily, weekly and monthly data plans.

The most straight forward offer is the most expensive as well; orange will charge 5p per MB consumed, which translates into a £50 per GB package, seven times more expensive than the cheapest data package on the market.

Orange however has put an upper limit of £40 per month to the maximum cost incurred. Additional data used beyond the bundle allowance will carry an additional 5p per MB.

The iPad daily package will cost £2 and give up to 200MB UK data allowance (that's 1p per MB) while the iPad weekly bundle will offer 1GB data quota for £7.50 (that's 0.075 per GB).

iPad Monthly 15 will cost £15 and give 3GB data allowance with an additional 750MB WiFi while iPad Monthly 25 ups the usage allowance to 10GB for £25 per month.

The France-telecom owned network has not said whether it will be selling a subsidised version of the iPad like it did for the iPhone.