£400 Dell Inspiron 14Z 14-inch notebook

The Dell Inspiron 14z is a ultra-thin and ultra-portable laptop. It fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle; full of mobile features like a 14-inch Hi-definition display, 500 Gb hard drive and a built-in 7-in-1 media card reader.

And with long-lasting battery options, you can live your on-the-go lifestyle without any hesitation. The 14z is targeted towards consumers who want a good mainstream performance notebook with a sleek stylish design.

It should appeal to the target audience of similarly-sized notebook screen sizes. Dell's Inspiron 14z is a mainstream notebook to be used for entertainment, communications and overall productivity.

The form factor is optimised for wide aspect, sleek in design, and light in weight. This notebook is designed with the relevant consumer features wrapped in a sleek ID form factor to delight customers.

Features include HDMI and VGA ports, a class leading communication package (HD web camera with digital microphone) and a range of colours to suit everyone.

The Dell Inspiron 14Z 14-inch notebook is available from Amazon for £400 including delivery.