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Analysing Apple iPad UK & European Pricing

Back in January 2010 after the Apple iPad was launched in the UK, we tried to guess how much the device was going to cost in the UK; we rightly guessed that the iPad was going to be launched on a Friday here (28th of May).

However, we got things awfully wrong when it comes to the pricing as we based our estimates on the price consumers paid for their iPod Touch, which provided us at that time with an exchange rate at that time, which was $1.3 for one pound.

Currently, the cheapest iPad costs £429 here and $499 in the US which translates into an atrociously high exchange rate of $1.163 to the pound. That's roughly a 11 percent premium compared to what we were expecting.

For the rest of Europe, things are more or less the same. In France, The 16GB version costs 499 Euros, the 32GB 599 Euros and the 699 model 699 Euros. Add 100 Euros for the 3G Version; that's for France & Italy. Across the border in Spain, all models are 20 Euros cheaper.

Comparing US and rest of the world prices, one has to remember that the US ones come without local taxes while European ones always have to include them.

There may be some local variations but we expect the prices to stay more or less the same; Orange released iPad data plans usage earlier on Friday with its best deal offering 10GB for £25 per month.

Désiré Athow

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