HP Hurricane to blow Slate away

HP's Slate tablet was brandished by Microsoft CEO on stage at CES as an iPad killer. Now that the unreleased tablet PC seems to have already gone the way of the dodo - at least in the format it originally appeared - rumours have tipped up of a replacement.

According to an unsubstantiated snippet on the Examiner, HP is preparing a new device which will run Palm's webOS and which is apparently code-named the Hurricane.

HP bought up ailing Palm just recently in what we reckon was a smart move for the mega-corporation. Certainly Palm is likely to prove easier to digest than Compaq was ever likely to be.

Palm's webOs would suit the tablet PC format perfectly, certainly in terms of the power required to run it and the potential battery life it could therefore deliver. It could easily run on an ARM chip rather than Intel's Atom. Apple's iPad is hardly a high-powered device, so the performance bar for a tablet-style web browser for the sofa is pretty low.

According to the Examiner's "insider at HP" the Hurricane could begin to blow during the third quarter of this year.