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Vodafone Adopts Hardline Stand On Fair Data Usage

Vodafone is set to suffer a backlash from its existing customers as the mobile phone network has announced that it will discontinue its fair use data usage policy which allowed its users to go beyond their stated monthly quota without incurring any additional charge.

The move, which Vodafone described in a post on their customer message boards (opens in new tab), will come in force from the 1st of June as part of a new "out of bundle" charge which it claims, will make it "fairer for everyone" and protect their network from data abuse.

They will also simultaneously introduce a real time notification system which will allow customers to be in control of their expenses and see how much data they've used in a given time frame.

Many users have vented their frustration and anger at the move by Vodafone which could potentially see it lose a number of mobile phone users within weeks because the change is a pretty big one to the terms and conditions of the user's contract.

That said, Vodafone argues that their existing Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions already allows them to charge for any usage beyond the Fair Usage limit.

That charge will be up to £5 for every 500MB after the first 500MB and those without a monthly bundle will pay 50p for every 10MB after their first 25MB.

Désiré Athow

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