30 Percent More Drivers Talk On Mobiles While On The Road

Recent research suggests an increase in the percentage of drivers using a mobile phone whilst driving since 2008.

The study, held by Travel Research Laboratory, shows an increase from 1.1 per cent to 1.4 per cent and is set to raise questions over a report released by the Home Office showing a reduction of five per cent in fines issued by police over the same period.

The London based study has revealed an increase from 2.6 per cent to 2.8 per cent of motorists, a rise from 0.7 per cent to 1.6 per cent for cab drivers, while van drivers have jumped from 1.8 per cent to 4.5 per cent.

Using a mobile phone whilst driving is an offence in the UK and those caught can be issued with a fine of £60 and three penalty points on their licence.

Sarah Fatica, from road safety charity Brake, told the Telegraph that the survey is a clear indication that people do not take these laws seriously,and that police are letting too many offenders off without issuing the fine.