Apple iPad Goes On Preorder In the UK From £429

As expected, the iPad has gone on pre-order with the cheapest model costing £429 and the most expensive one a staggering £699, both including free delivery with the shipment date set for Friday 28th of May.

Apple has said last Friday that the iPad will be released to nine countries initially with another batch of nine territories coming next in July. Interestingly, Apple said that customers will only be allowed to buy two iPads each.

How it will be able to control sales remains to be seen as those looking to buy more than two can always use proxy buyers or made up names with different credit cards.

Releasing the iPad in more countries is instrumental in making sure that the device reaches critical mass. It has already sold more than one million units in the US alone in 28 days and should very easily reach the 10 million units sold by the end of the year.

Apple is also selling a number of accessories for your iPad including the iPad Dock and the iPad camera connection kit, both for £25 each. As for the keyboard dock, it will be available from £55. You can preorder your iPad from here.