Apple Planning Flash Competitor Called Giandiua

An Apple developer has spilled the beans on Apple's alternative to Flash at the World of Web Objects Developer Conference via twitter.

Citing tweets from developer Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzch, AppleInsider has reported that Apple has been developing its own alternative to Flash, complete with all the prevailing web standards and ability to create media rich web applications.

Experts believe the new platform will be used by Apple as a replacement to Flash in its highly acclaimed iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices, which currently don't offer any support for Flash related web applications.

The platform, called Gianduia, has been named after an Italian hazelnut chocolate.

Apple's war on Adobe took an ugly turn when Apple's new developer license agreement for the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK banned developers from using Adobe's Flash based software compiler.

According to the tweets sent out, Gianduia is a web based version of several platforms previously developed by the iPod maker, including Cocoa and WebObjects, using JavaScripts.