Complement Orange's iPad Data Plan With Its Mobile Broadband Offer

Orange is the first mobile phone operator to release its data plan for Apple's iPad device and yet it failed to ignite any enthusiasm if comments we received following the announcements are to be believed.

As a reminder, you will be charged 5p per MB with an upper limit of £40 on PAYG. The daily bundle will cost £2 per 200MB, £7.50 for 1Gb for the weekly package and a recurring £15 for 3GB per month and 10GB for £25 per month with 750MB WiFi data allocation each month.

If you're likely to stick around with Orange for 18 months and don't mind using a meat cleaver to downsize a SIM card, then why not opt for Orange's range of mobile broadband offerings instead.

The 1.5GB monthly package for only £10 per month on Orange's Racoon package and should you not want to stick around for long, choose the £10 per month offer which gives you 1GB monthly quota.

If you're a light user and an existing Orange customers, there's an exclusive 500MB plan that costs a mere £5 per month.

For serious surfers willing to stay with Orange for 18 months, the ultimate plan for surfing and more is the Panther which is the only data package currently on the market that offers unlimited monthly allowance, all for £35 per month.

The corresponding AT&T package for the iPad in the US is a mere $29.99 or nearly half the price of Orange's package.