Fake UK Twitter Bomber Fined £1000

Paul Chambers, the 26-year old accountant who was arrested back in January 2010 because he jokingly twittered that he'd blow his local airport "sky high" if his flight was delayed, has been fined £1000 after standing accused of sending a threatening message.

Chambers lost his job as a finance supervisor because of this tweet and was ordered to pay £1000 in fines and costs for his few words. He claimed back in January that the tweet was sent because he was frustrated by the closure of the Robin Hood airport due to the persistent snow falls.

Chamber's tweet was found by an off-duty manager from the regional airport who had searched for "Robin Hood Airport" and alerted the head of security who passed it on to the Police.

Although the tweet did not have any logistical impact on the airport, the district judge Jonathan Bennett argued that the message was "of a menacing nature in the context of the times in which we live".

Chambers has confirmed to the Telegraph that he will consider an appeal, something that might not only cost the tax payer a few more bobs, but could also turn nasty after the hoax Twitterer said that he thanked the CPS "for their level-best efforts in f*****g up the life of an ordinary citizen".