Hacker Brings Android To iPhone 3G

David Wang, the hacker known for his contribution to the iPhone 3GS hack, has managed to run Google's Android mobile OS on Apple's iPhone 2G and 3G - a feat that has sent ripples throughout the developer community.

Wang demonstrated that he had successfully installed Android, first on an iPhone 2G and then an iPhone 3G, using the OpeniBoot tool to dual-boot the handset.

The hacker posted a video on YouTube entitled 'Android running on iPhone!', in which he explains exactly how he managed to do it.

According to the video, Wang used iPhone Dev Team's UltraSnOw with the OpeniBoot tool to port the Android OS onto the iPhone.

iPhones running Android can send SMS and MMS messages, as well as accessing the internet via Wi-Fi.

The major problem faced by those wanting to use Google's OS on an Apple handset is sound: at present, users can't make or receive calls. Wang has promised, however, that with the help of a team of developers, he would