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ID hints at open-world Doom 4

With their distinctly separate levels and teasing glimpses of pixellated mountains through windows, the original Doom games were about as far from an open-world experience as Space Invaders. However, id Software has hinted that the next game in the series, Doom 4, could be an open-world game.

Xbox 360 Achievements (opens in new tab) asked id’s creative director, Tim Willets, about the game, and stated that “it's just hard to picture an open-world (opens in new tab) Doom.” Willets responded by saying: “Well, you never know. You'll just have to wait and see!”

Doom 4 will use the same id Tech 5 engine that’s used in id’s forthcoming game Rage. Also an open-world game, Rage is set in a post-apocalyptic world and fuses first person shooter action with vehicle racing.

The game has been in production for a long time, and was first announced at QuakeCon back in 2007. However, recent reports (opens in new tab) say that Rage now won’t be released until at least next year.

According to Willets, while Rage is set to be id’s flagship game when it’s released, Doom 4 will be even better.

“It's gonna be awesome,” said Willets. “Hopefully, it'll be even more awesome than Rage. For us as a company, every game needs to be better than the last. I truly believe that Rage is the best game we've ever made. When we made Doom 3 I said, Doom 3 is the best game we've ever made and Rage will be better. Hopefully. Doom 4 needs to be even more awesome than Rage.”

Little is known about Doom 4 at the moment, apart from a few hints that id has dropped. However, the story for the game is being written by fantasy author Graham Joyce (opens in new tab), suggesting that id is certainly looking at making the game more than just a standard level-based monster-shooter.

When asked if Doom 4 would feature vehicles in a similar way to Rage, the developer’s CEO Todd Hollenshead said last year (opens in new tab) that “Doom is Doom and, to me, it's the grandfather of all FPS games - all the shooter games - and to make it something that's not a shooter would be a travesty and a crime against humanity." Even so, that didn’t stop id from putting vehicles into Quake 4.

Whether Doom 4 is indeed an open-world game remains to be seen, but it’s quite possible that the stalwart demon-gunning series could abandon the closed levels of yore, and retain its first person shooter credentials in an expansive world. Let’s also not forget that id is now owned by Betheseda; developer of the massive open-world first person shooter Fallout 3. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.