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Inno3D knocks 22°C off Fermi temperature

Nvidia’s board partners are gradually fighting back against the high temperatures and hideous racket that come from Nvidia’s reference Fermi cooler. The latest company to attempt to quell Fermi’s fiery thirst for cooling is Inno3D, which claims that its GTX 470 Hawk reduces the GPU temperature by over 20 per cent.

The Hawk follows Palit’s recently announced (opens in new tab) GTX 470 card which also comes with a custom cooler, but Inno3D has really pulled out all the stops on the Hawk. While the Palit card still fitted into a two-slot space, and only had two 80mm fans, the Hawk requires three slots and comes with three fans.

Two of these spinners have a diameter of 80mm, while the middle one spreads out over 90mm. These sit on top of a large heatsink with five heatpipes, making for a cooler that measures 260 x 114 x 53mm (W x D x H).

According to Inno3D, the end result is “incomparable” when it comes to the ratio of noise to cooling performance. The PWM-controlled ball bearing fans can spin at speeds between 900 and 2,000rpm, resulting in a noise range of 18 to 30dB(A) in Inno3D’s own tests. By comparison, the company says that the Nvidia reference cooler was producing 38dB(A) under the same test conditions.

Meanwhile, the GPU temperature apparently dropped to just 70°C with the GTX 470 running at full whack, compared with a disturbingly toasty 92°C when using the reference cooler. Again, Inno3D claims that both coolers were tested under the same conditions, but as with all these tests, it’s worth waiting to see independent reviews before making a buying decision.

As a point of comparison, Palit’s aforementioned two-fan cooler only reduced the GPU temperature by 12°C in Palit’s tests, making the Hawk’s cooler a serious airflow force if Inno3D’s results are to believed.

As with most GeForce GTX 470 cards, the Hawk comes with a pair of DVI ports, along with an HDMI connector.

There’s no word on pricing or availability yet, but a standard Inno3D GTX 470 card currently costs £309.99 (opens in new tab), and we’d imagine that the Hawk's cooler will add a premium of at least £30 on top of this.

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