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iTunes Live Trademark Means Apple Planning Online Music Offering

A patent filing made by Apple hints at plans to release iTunes Live service.

This patent application, discovered by (opens in new tab), is set to trademark the stylized phrase 'iTunes Live' and follows the announcement that online music service Lala will close 31 May, just months after its purchase by Apple.

Apple has filed the trademark under two classes:

Class 035: Online retail store services in the field of entertainment featuring prerecorded musical, audio and audiovisual content.

Class 041: Entertainment services, namely, arranging and conducting of concerts and live musical performances.

The description of Class 035 is very broad, fuelling speculation of a Lala-esque iTunes Live service, but, the two classes together effectively describe iTunes as it is currently.

Apple has not yet released any information concerning a future iTunes Live service and this new patent application may just end up as another name on Apple's ever-growing list of trademarks.

Apple had acquired online music streaming service Lala for $80 million last year, adding fuel to the rumours that the company would be launching the cloud based online version of its iTunes software soon enough.