News@5: Apple, Orange and McDonalds

Following the announcement to close Lala at the end of the month, Apple has filed an application for the trademark 'iTunes Live' under classes 035 and 041, hinting at the release of an online streaming music service.

The Apple iPad is now available to pre-order in the UK ready for shipping on 28 May, but customers are only allowed to buy two tablets per person. The prices for the much anticipated device start at £429.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs defends the price of iPads against angry customers who claim the 'miracle' device is more expensive for consumers outside of the US, pointing to VAT and new German copyright levies as the cause of the disparity

Orange announces plans to enter the already packed television market after freeing resources from outsourcing its broadband infrastructure to BT in a move that will see them as the second ISP to offer a quad-play bundle.

Facebook is planning to add location-based services that will let users add their whereabouts to status updates and also a tie-in with McDonalds that allows users to receive reward coupons when checking in to a McDonalds outlet.